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Microsoft Advertising Announces New Features and Tools at 2021 Elevate Summit

At the 2021 Elevate Summit, Microsoft Advertising announced a slate of new features and updates to be made available to digital marketers using their platforms.

Shoppable TV: The Future of Television Advertising?

Everything you’ve seen so far in advertising is nothing compared to what the future of advertising, shopping, and e-commerce have in store for consumers. Digital advertisement never ceases to amaze us with new formats and possibilities. Increasingly, it seeks to…

How Digital Micro-targeting affects you, without you even resiling.

This article will allow people to understand how digital micro-targeting tactics affect the public, in both a positive and negative manner. Read on to learn about how micro-targeting affects you. What is Micro-targeting? The basic principles of marketing have remained…

Digital Marketing as a Tool for Promoting Tourist Destinations

The tourism industry is one of the most lucrative in the world. After the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the number of visitors in tourist sites and establishments in 2020, it is in the interest of hoteliers, tourist offices,…

The digital marketing market today

Digital marketing is a market estimated to be worth 11 billion euros in 2020, growing by almost 20% in 2018. This growth is expected to continue in 2021.

The New Zero-Dollar Marketing Strategy?

This article will look at the role of the entrepreneur in a firms digital marketing strategy, forming multi-million dollar companies with a $0 marketing budget.

Virtual Reality, a Beneficial Tool for Advertisers?

Virtual Reality marketing is growing significantly. Read here to learn about its benefits, and how advertisers can gain an advantage from this.

Video Marketing: Changing the Digital Marketing Landscape

Research shows that Video has become a powerhouse of the digital world in recent years. This article will provide the reader with an explanation as to what video marketing is and the true value it has. What is Video Marketing?…

Advertising on TikTok: 5 Key Tips to Create a Winning Ad

Advertising on TikTok has become essential for brands over the past year. Read on to learn 5 key tips for advertising on TikTok to make your brand stand out.