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The Pros and Cons of Viral Marketing: The Case of Parade

Parade, a trendy Gen Z underwear brand, used viral guerrilla marketing tactics to take over social media overnight. However, their approach had its flaws. Who is Parade? Founded in 2019 by Cami Téllez and Jack Defuria, Parade is a NYC-based…

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Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing!

Content marketing is in right now and this article will inform you of the importance of using it to the advantage of your brand! Need tips on how to do it successfully? Continue reading for insights into the power of…

Digital Marketing During COVID: A Pop Star’s Response

Discover how Charli XCX used digital marketing strategies to promote her latest album ‘How I’m Feeling Now’. An Industry Out of Tune It is no secret that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted the world of business. The music…

Why Your Business Should Use Buyer Personas

Find out why your business should use Buyer Personas to supercharge its digital marketing strategy and intensively ‘customerise’ its digital content.

6 Essential Steps for Crafting a Winning Social Media Content Strategy

Want to cut through the noise on social media? Read on to discover six essential steps for crafting a social content strategy that will allow you to build a loyal fanbase and turn followers into customers.