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Branding on Instagram: Tips on Creating Stand-Out Aesthetics

If you are a business looking to utilise Instagram to increase brand awareness, here are some essential tips for creating an aesthetic that will make your brand stand out.

Is Social Media a Threat to Political Integrity?

A 280-character tweet has become a political megaphone for President’s, Prime Ministers, and political elites. But with the power to change the news and shape public perceptions, has social media gone too far? This article explores the influence of paid political advertisements, politicians on social media, and the rise of new extremist platforms. Read on to find out more!

The New Zero-Dollar Marketing Strategy?

This article will look at the role of the entrepreneur in a firms digital marketing strategy, forming multi-million dollar companies with a $0 marketing budget.

Advertising on TikTok: 5 Key Tips to Create a Winning Ad

Advertising on TikTok has become essential for brands over the past year. Read on to learn 5 key tips for advertising on TikTok to make your brand stand out.

Silence, Brand! Branding on Twitter

This article examines how companies use Social Media, namely Twitter, to generate interest using humour or attempting to tap into online meme culture.