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How Gaming Companies Use Marketing to Make You Pay For F2P Games

Free to play aka F2P Games are a seemingly benevolent endeavour by gaming companies to provide a fun gaming experience at no cost. However, this might not be as it seems, as companies have been quick to monetize this new…

Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing!

Content marketing is in right now and this article will inform you of the importance of using it to the advantage of your brand! Need tips on how to do it successfully? Continue reading for insights into the power of…

Fake News Truths – Avoid Misinformation To Optimise Your Social Media Marketing

Do you feel susceptible to Fake News online? If so, you are not alone. We are living in a world of misinformation, which can often feel impossible to escape. The last thing you as a marketer wants to do is add…

5 of the Worst Marketing Campaigns of All Time

Digital marketing is booming and has become essential to promote its products and its brand. However, it is important to target your consumers and their expectations, otherwise the objectives set will not be achieved.

A good way to avoid mistakes is to learn from the mistakes of others. This article will look at 5 big marketing mistakes made by big brands

Does the Rise of Voice Search mean Text Search is Dead?

The rise of voice search is changing how we search for information online. But does this mean text search is now dead or can it still have a role to play?

How Internet Generates and Fights Against Pollution

This article provides insights regarding the issue of the invisible pollution generated by new technologies, and offers solutions for individuals to reduce their online impact on the environment.

Took a DNA Test and I’m a Clone?

Recently, DNA test kits have become increasingly popular! Have you thought about how these may affect our future?

Social Media and Brand Personas

Consumers today have more power than ever before, influencing brand personas and marketing decisions. As co-creators, users are changing digital marketing forever.

How Digital Marketing Changed Consumer Behaviour Forever

Calling all digital marketers! Find out how digital marketing has revolutionised consumer behaviour and learn 3 easy steps for effective digital marketing.