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The Future of Influencers in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is fast-growing and social media influencers are today a big part of many companies’ marketing strategies. The article explores the present and future trends of social media influencers as brands become more and more aware of its…

How Gaming Companies Use Marketing to Make You Pay For F2P Games

Free to play aka F2P Games are a seemingly benevolent endeavour by gaming companies to provide a fun gaming experience at no cost. However, this might not be as it seems, as companies have been quick to monetize this new…

Evolution Of 4 Ps In Digital Marketing And Its Effects

The foundation of marketing has always been the Product, Place, Price and Promotion. But in the era of digital marketing, they have evolved. Let’s see how!

5 LinkedIn Digital Marketing Tips for Businesses

This article gives 5 Digital Marketing tips for businesses on LinkedIn. Continue reading to learn how your business can maximise its potential on the platform.

Fake News: Tips For Increasing Your Online Awareness

The consequences of fake news circulating online can hurt anyone – individuals, groups and businesses alike, especially as fake news performs much better than real news in social media popularity and engagement.

Microsoft Advertising Announces New Features and Tools at 2021 Elevate Summit

At the 2021 Elevate Summit, Microsoft Advertising announced a slate of new features and updates to be made available to digital marketers using their platforms.

Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing!

Content marketing is in right now and this article will inform you of the importance of using it to the advantage of your brand! Need tips on how to do it successfully? Continue reading for insights into the power of…

Shoppable TV: The Future of Television Advertising?

Everything you’ve seen so far in advertising is nothing compared to what the future of advertising, shopping, and e-commerce have in store for consumers. Digital advertisement never ceases to amaze us with new formats and possibilities. Increasingly, it seeks to…

Popular Cosmetics Brands are Responsible for Selfie Dysmorphia

Augmented Reality filters on social media have changed the way we sample cosmetic products. While this revelation has opened doors for marketers, it has also contributed to the rise in “selfie dysmorphia”.