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Month: April 2021

The AI Paradox: Why Machine-Learning Needs More Humanity

This article will explain why machine-learning within AI needs more human input and how digital marketers can ensure algorithmic bias does not destroy marketing efforts.

The Dark Side of Surveillance Capitalism

Big Data has revolutionised marketing, pervading every aspect of our lives, sometimes detrimentally. Read on to discover the dangers of surveillance capitalism.

Digital Marketing for Fintechs

As fintech companies have surged in popularity in recent years, learning how to correctly market themselves to customers will be the key to future growth.

Hottest trends: Snackable content

The biggest trend of 2021 will be the rise of “snackable content”. This blog provides an overview and explains how to make it work for your business.

Influencer Marketing: 5 Top Tips to Influence Success

Digital Marketers must carefully choose the right influencer for their brand. Read on to optimize your share of the $13.8 billion lucrative Influencer Marketing industry.

6 Essential Steps for Crafting a Winning Social Media Content Strategy

Want to cut through the noise on social media? Read on to discover six essential steps for crafting a social content strategy that will allow you to build a loyal fanbase and turn followers into customers.

Does the Rise of Voice Search mean Text Search is Dead?

The rise of voice search is changing how we search for information online. But does this mean text search is now dead or can it still have a role to play?

5 Digital Marketing Tips for your small business to win Google’s Zero Moment of Truth game

80 per cent of today’s shoppers do online research before buying the product. Is your Digital Marketing presence fit for that challenge? 5 steps on how to stand out – or lose badly if you don’t!

Can Reddit Break the Stock Market?

How did a group of amateur investors on Reddit interfere with the stock market to cost Wall Street billions, and can it happen again?