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The Future of Influencers in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is fast-growing and social media influencers are today a big part of many companies’ marketing strategies. The article explores the present and future trends of social media influencers as brands become more and more aware of its…

Top 5 Tips To Improve Instagram Marketing for Your Small Business

Looking for ways to improve your small business’s Instagram marketing? Here are 5 top tips for enhancing your brand’s Instagram marketing strategy to take your business to the next level. From Instagram Stories to Influencer marketing, this article provides the…

What is Digital Ad Fraud, and How Can We Fight It?

The dark world of Digital Ad Fraud, from malicious bots to intrusive malware. Read on to find out what digital ad fraud is and what can be done about it.

In Your Head? Political Neuromarketing in the Digital Age

Are you aware of the techniques that neuromarketers use to win your vote? Keep reading to learn about the tools and implications of psychometric profiling in the new world of Big Data.

How Gaming Companies Use Marketing to Make You Pay For F2P Games

Free to play aka F2P Games are a seemingly benevolent endeavour by gaming companies to provide a fun gaming experience at no cost. However, this might not be as it seems, as companies have been quick to monetize this new…

Evolution Of 4 Ps In Digital Marketing And Its Effects

The foundation of marketing has always been the Product, Place, Price and Promotion. But in the era of digital marketing, they have evolved. Let’s see how!

Social Media – Tip of the Digital Marketing Iceberg

This article will describe how Social Media is just the tip of the Iceberg in Digital Marketing, and like a real iceberg the majority of Digital Marketing happens beneath the surface of Search Engines.

5 LinkedIn Digital Marketing Tips for Businesses

This article gives 5 Digital Marketing tips for businesses on LinkedIn. Continue reading to learn how your business can maximise its potential on the platform.

4 Benefits Of Using Micro-Influencers To Grow Your Brand On Social Media

Looking to use influencer marketing to grow your brand on social media? Here, we reveal the pros of working with small influencers on these social media platforms.