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Ronaldo To Juventus – How Social Media is Changing Football

On the 10th of July 2018, the Real Madrid twitter account dropped a bombshell.  Simply titled “Communicado Oficial: Crisitiano Ronaldo”. This single tweet shook the football world. The most popular player in the world’s most popular sport was leaving Real…

The Social Media of Tomorrow

You run a business ? You are an influencer ? Or simply a social network enthusiast ? Then this article presenting new original and innovative social media is for you !

Popular Cosmetics Brands are Responsible for Selfie Dysmorphia

Augmented Reality filters on social media have changed the way we sample cosmetic products. While this revelation has opened doors for marketers, it has also contributed to the rise in “selfie dysmorphia”.

The Future of Digital Marketing Relies on You

Digital Marketing needs Big Data. What does that mean for you? This article highlights how digital marketing needs you to survive, and what you can get in return.

Is User Generated Content The Future of Digital Marketing?

At the forefront of digital marketing is user-generated content and it is one of the most valuable tools a marketer can use due to its cost-effectiveness, trustworthiness and unique ability to stand out between countless advertisements online. There is a…

Can Reddit Break the Stock Market?

How did a group of amateur investors on Reddit interfere with the stock market to cost Wall Street billions, and can it happen again?

Instagram Competitions: How to Guarantee Success

Looking to run a successful Instagram competition? Learn how to create an effective Instagram giveaway that will grow your Insta following, connect with users and raise brand awareness. What to do before posting: 1. Choose The Prize This is a…

Digital Marketing as a Tool for Promoting Tourist Destinations

The tourism industry is one of the most lucrative in the world. After the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the number of visitors in tourist sites and establishments in 2020, it is in the interest of hoteliers, tourist offices,…

Social Media and Brand Personas

Consumers today have more power than ever before, influencing brand personas and marketing decisions. As co-creators, users are changing digital marketing forever.