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Top 5 Tips To Improve Instagram Marketing for Your Small Business

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Looking for ways to improve your small business’s Instagram marketing? Here are 5 top tips for enhancing your brand’s Instagram marketing strategy to take your business to the next level. From Instagram Stories to Influencer marketing, this article provides the best social media marketing tools to spice up your Instagram game.

1. Portray a Unique & Consistent Brand Image

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What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)? What differentiates you from your direct competition? For example, this could be your brand aesthetic, the motives behind your mission (eco-friendly), or your product. Find your business’s brand persona and USP, and portray this aesthetic in every aspect of your Instagram marketing.

Remember: Creating a brand image is not just about the appearance of your posts! Incorporate your business’s unique brand persona into other aspects such as captions, Direct Message responses, and story content.

2. Go The Extra Mile for Instagram Engagement

‘Call To Action’ Captions

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It is time to spice up those captions! Keep your captions short and sweet. Yet, you should still give your followers a task or ‘call to action’ to keep your customers entertained and engaged. Crafting creative captions can help attract interaction with your post and fuel comments. Additionally, comments that prompt an answer to a question or a “fill in the blank” will encourage more engagement.

Be responsive: Above all, it is important to be responsive and timely with your customers. Optimise your customer service and engagement by liking and commenting on your followers’ comments and DM’s.

3. Try New Instagram Story Ideas

Themed Highlights

The content on your Story is an extension of your posting feed; it is an opportunity for casual and quick content. Consolidating your Stories into themed Highlights is an effective way to boost your profile. There are some great tools, such as Canva, to help create themes for your stories to make your content creative while still keeping it consistent. This will keep your content organised and accessible.

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Instagram Polls & Questions

Encourage consumer conversation and feedback through voting and open-ended questions on your story. This is an easy and effective tool to gauge your audience’s preferences while offering them a platform to contribute to the brand conversation. Above all, get creative; your followers are your focus group.

Repost your customers!

Customers are one of your greatest marketing assets, so use them! User-generated content, whether it be a tagged picture of your product or a mention in one’s story, is free promotion for your brand. Therefore, rewarding your followers for promoting your brand will foster loyalty and further participation in promoting your business.

Stories are a great way to “shoutout” your customers and the content they create to market your brand.

4. Launch Instagram Competitions & Giveaways

People love any chance to win free stuff! So why not create competitions or giveaways on your Instagram that will entice both existing and potential customers? Be original with your prizes; are you offering something unique, something that your followers will want to post about? This is an effective marketing tactic to extend your reach on Instagram. Additionally, make sure your caption and terms and conditions are clear so people know what they are signing up for. Check out this article for more tips on how to run a successful Instagram competition.

5. Collaborate with Influencers

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Fundamentally, the success of a brand is determined by the reach of the brand. Collaborating with influencers will give you a whole new audience to reach. Influencers will provide credibility for your brand. The people you choose to work with will act as an ambassador for your brand, so be sure to find the right influencer that reflects your business’s values, ethos, and brand persona to target the right audience. Click here to delve into influencer canvassing and relationship-building to take your collaboration to the next level.

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