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Month: March 2021

Visual Search: A Key Digital Marketing Trend in 2021

This article discusses visual search, a trending topic in digital marketing for 2021. Read on to learn more about visual search and how you can adapt your business’s digital marketing strategy to get visual.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

This article outlines the benefits for startups in developing a digital marketing campaign, strategy and the importance of digital presence for businesses.

Digital Marketing: How to compromise a Democracy

Digital Marketing has revolutionised the marketing landscape. Its application in political campaigns however, raises concerns. Read on to understand how Digital Marketing techniques can compromise a Democracy.

Facebook Business Page: 4 Essential Tips for Setting up

This article will provide information to businesses to explain how to set up a Facebook page. The quick and easy to follow tips will help you set up a business profile effortlessly.

5 questions on Non-Fungible Tokens in Digital Art answered

This article will answer 5 major questions surrounding Non-Fungible Tokens and how they are changing the crypto art world. From moments in sports history to viral internet memes, keep reading to learn more about the newest trends taking over digital art.

How To Make Money with NFT’s : A Beginner’s Guide To Selling Digital Art

Sick of watching everyone else getting rich from investing in elusive online trends you don’t understand? Learn the basics of NFTs and Crypto in this guide and set your inner Elon Musk free!

How To Optimize Facebook Pixel While Complying With GDPR

This article will provide digital marketers and businesses with an in-depth overview of how to optimize the Facebook Pixel for cost-effective advertising while providing essential tips on GDPR compliance when using the tool.

Benefits of Podcasts as a Digital Marketing Tool

This article will identify benefits of podcasts as a digital marketing tool. Read on to learn how podcasts can enhance your digital marketing strategy.

The Digitisation and Gamification of Online Dating

Read on to learn about how the gamification of dating apps and digital marketing have more in common than we would like to admit.