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In Your Head? Political Neuromarketing in the Digital Age

Are you aware of the techniques that neuromarketers use to win your vote? Keep reading to learn about the tools and implications of psychometric profiling in the new world of Big Data.

Evolution Of 4 Ps In Digital Marketing And Its Effects

The foundation of marketing has always been the Product, Place, Price and Promotion. But in the era of digital marketing, they have evolved. Let’s see how!

How Digital Micro-targeting affects you, without you even resiling.

This article will allow people to understand how digital micro-targeting tactics affect the public, in both a positive and negative manner. Read on to learn about how micro-targeting affects you. What is Micro-targeting? The basic principles of marketing have remained…

The Future of Digital Marketing Relies on You

Digital Marketing needs Big Data. What does that mean for you? This article highlights how digital marketing needs you to survive, and what you can get in return.

Google’s Secret Recipe for Search Market Domination

In 1996 , Larry Page and Sergey Brin were working on the mathematical properties of the initial Google ranking system. What did they discover? PageRank (PR)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Improves Marketing Campaigns

Why do you restrict the growth potential for your marketing campaigns? A possible explanation could be you don’t know about modern marketing tools. Understand AI – read below.

The AI Paradox: Why Machine-Learning Needs More Humanity

This article will explain why machine-learning within AI needs more human input and how digital marketers can ensure algorithmic bias does not destroy marketing efforts.

The Dark Side of Surveillance Capitalism

Big Data has revolutionised marketing, pervading every aspect of our lives, sometimes detrimentally. Read on to discover the dangers of surveillance capitalism.

Took a DNA Test and I’m a Clone?

Recently, DNA test kits have become increasingly popular! Have you thought about how these may affect our future?