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Big data

In Your Head? Political Neuromarketing in the Digital Age

Are you aware of the techniques that neuromarketers use to win your vote? Keep reading to learn about the tools and implications of psychometric profiling in the new world of Big Data.

The Future of Digital Marketing Relies on You

Digital Marketing needs Big Data. What does that mean for you? This article highlights how digital marketing needs you to survive, and what you can get in return.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Improves Marketing Campaigns

Why do you restrict the growth potential for your marketing campaigns? A possible explanation could be you don’t know about modern marketing tools. Understand AI – read below.

The Dark Side of Surveillance Capitalism

Big Data has revolutionised marketing, pervading every aspect of our lives, sometimes detrimentally. Read on to discover the dangers of surveillance capitalism.

Is Social Media a Threat to Political Integrity?

A 280-character tweet has become a political megaphone for President’s, Prime Ministers, and political elites. But with the power to change the news and shape public perceptions, has social media gone too far? This article explores the influence of paid political advertisements, politicians on social media, and the rise of new extremist platforms. Read on to find out more!

Political Digital Advertising: 3 Things Everyone Should Know

A brief overview of political actors’ use of digital advertising to promote their messages and what the EU has done to try to prevent abusive practices.

Big Data for Marketers – How your Decision Making Process is Changing

Big Data for Marketers – How your Decision Making Process is Changing by Eamonn O Raghallaigh ‘Big Data’ is a term which has pervasively infiltrated marketing circles over the past number of years; eliciting anxiety in some quarters, excitement in…